Living in the Material World: George Harrison

George Harrison. rock guitarist, singer-songwriter and the lead guitarist of The Beatles

I just found out that Martin Scorsese, my most favorite film director, is set to release his 2011 documentary entitled “Living in the Material World: George Harrison”, a film account that tackles the life of George Harrison.


As you may know, George Harrison is a rock guitarist and one of the well-acclaimed singer-songwriters the music industry ever had.  But George Harrison is reputably more popular as the leading guitarist of the English rock band, The Beatles. He is known as “the quiet Beatle.”  Some of the popular Beatles songs that he composed included Within You Without You, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I Me Mine, Blue Jay Way, Something, and my personal favorite (and the ultimate cheer-up song) Here Comes the Sun.  His songs are heavily imbued with mysticism (as influenced by Hindu practices).


Martin Scorsese, on the other hand, is a celebrated film director, actor, producer, screen writer and film historian. Scorsese is infamous for his dark-themed films like “Taxi Driver”, “Goodfellas”, “Raging Bull”, “The Departed” and many more.   He’s also well recognized for his documentaries which include “No Direction Home” that recounted the life of the American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.  Actually, he’s my most favorite film director – I’m on a Scorsese binge right now, trying to watch all his films.

As I am a fan of both Scorsese and The Beatles, this upcoming film documentary is something to look forward to this year.  I heard it’s slated to be released in the illustrious Cannes Film Festival.  Fast forward to May please!

The title of the documentary is obviously taken from George Harrison’s solo album entitled “Living in the Material World” released in 1973.

Here's George Harrison winking at you

From left: Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Star and John Lennon


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