A Car Noob’s Ideal Car

I don’t own a car nor do I know how to ride one but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own notions for an ideal car.   I don’t know if the point of view of someone like me (someone clueless about cars, or should I say, “car noob”) would really matter.   But if you’re curious, then read on.

I spent the entire college years commuting via jeepneys and buses and so you must understand if I say I wouldn’t find a car with a stiff, snappy and choppy ride really interesting.  I had enough of those rough rides that are evident in public vehicles. Also, spare me with the road noise too.

I don’t mind a car that lacks refinement on the inside, as long as the interiors are roomy and comfortable.  As a significant portion of the final price quote is due to the interior features, I wouldn’t mind too many aesthetic accents just to save money.  Here’s a big no-no: low roof and small windows that compromise visibility (the best way to point out that I’m claustrophobic), tight rear seat (I prefer modest space, please) and cramped driving position.  And of course, I prefer excellent media player on my dashboard.

My dream car doesn’t have to be luxurious on the outset, with a downright expensive price tag – it only have to be nimble, with impressive fit and finish.  Even though I don’t know much about performance features, at the least I would be glad to own a car with a responsive steering and secure handling.  Predicted reliability should be pronounced as I prefer not to be hammered with those harrowing, trouble-prone ones.  And finally, crash test results must be excellent; I don’t really picture myself dying in the middle of the road or getting myself stuck in a ditch for that matter.


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