Long Distance

I think about you and the spaces between us

my thoughts rarely strayed away to

someone else.

I think about your stolen words of love

how the words dance, tinker

how they tiptoe to cover

the wide expanse between us.

How many of them are lost, unemphasized,

misinterpreted, sensationalized.

How many are clouded with deceit, false intimacies –

how they spread like wildfire.


I find your words in the most unusual places:

see them slip under my bedsheet at night

still find them tender and sweet the next day.

Or sometimes in swift, passing cars.

Even in deepest recesses of my wallet.


I hear those words too, how they echo

like pairs of feet huddling inside a cathedral

or feral dogs growling mad on the road.

The words, they break into a run, drawing closer

to its final landing


until finally they roughly carve

a heart, more than once

made to throb and flutter.

The enchanted syllables, I imagine

you once enclosed on your mouth

blow a tender kiss on my cheeks –


a thousand love poems.

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