About Me

Hi, I hope you don’t know about me.

Let’s see – I love knowledge (like Faustus), except that I don’t like the idea of selling my soul to the devil to acquire it.  So I read a lot to gain every bits of it day by day, and if I get lucky to have that precious little time before going to bed, I write about them.  That means if Wikileaks hits the news again, I write about it in my precious little journal.  Also reflections from the books and poems I’ve read, and surprisingly, trivial things like “Why Justin Bieber is popular among teens today?” or “Why people are going gaga over Edward Cullen.”

I love watching movies, war movies in general.  My dream is to watch all movies listed in the AFI’s top 100 Movies of All Time, but now I’m having serious second thoughts because Alfred Hitchcock’s movie is there.   As of the moment, I’m dependent on movie suggestions from reliable friends, who are kind enough not to give me horror films.

I love anime and manga and you will find out this is pretty obvious.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’ve considered myself Faustus all these days and lo!I’ve found another one!I’ve bookmarked your site and gonna check these every now and then for your nice book reviews.Can you please make a list of the books you’ve read (I know it tends to impossible, you’ve read so many!) or read in the last year which you think everyone should read? I’ve just got a Kobo ebook-reader started reading indiscriminately watching all those epubs…It’ll be of great help if you post a list of the books that must be read.And thank you for your all those little blogs.

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