Sad Rain


Looking for the complete lyrics of Sad Rain by Aki Misato?  It’s no wonder then because Animax Asia is currently airing the 2008 action-drama anime, Blassreiter.  Another anime flick from studio Gonzo, it’s one of the reason why youngsters are rooting on their TV sets nowadays. And watch out, Blassreiter manga is still ongoing! 🙂

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My Secret

by Mizuno Saaya

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Opening Theme

This is the opening theme song of the current hit anime on Animax.  Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! airs its new episodes in Japanese audio (with English subs) every Sunday, 8:30 pm.  Also, catch up the last episode before the new one on the same day at 8:00 am (in Japanese audio, without English subs).

The ending theme song of the anime is entitled Yokan (Premonition) performed by heide.

Full Lyrics

dou ka… please!
Can you keep my secret?

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With You


Inuyasha the Final Act Ending Theme


I’ll take you to the higher stage

Now you got blazin’


namida wo kakushita tsuyogari na kimi no egao

kata wo daku koto sae sunao ni wa dekinakute

yoake no mukou ni donna mirai ga atte mo

shinjiru koto de shika kaerarenai


miushinatte ita kokoro no KAKERA

futari de sagashi ateta shunkan kitto



oikakete kiri hiraita ano sora de

Seeking my way

hitosuji no hikari ni naru with you


naraku no soko naa deguchi wa DOKO?

kimi ni terashidasu houkou igai ni wa kyoumi wa No

koukou to kagayaku kongou no gotoku kabe wo kudakeba kimi ni todoku?

tashikana mono nara kitto nai kara, semete sou shinjite Go on


nanika wo sutereba unmei wa yuru sareru no?

taisetsuna mono hodo ude wo suri nukete yuku

kagami ni utsutta genjitsu to kozou no kabe

nigeteru dake ja sou koerarenai


ichido wa akiramekaketeta mirai

futari de kaete miseru hanarazu kitto



dokomademo deguchi no nai meikyuu de

Seeking my way

ima yatto tadoritsuita with you


Oh Yes, I just wanna see our future baby

ima kimi wo hanasete touge wo koeteku

tama no kakera wo motte furueru sono te wo totte

kowaku wa nai sa kimi to boku to de susu mou ze hikari yubisu kata e


tatoe mata itsuka tooku hanarete mo

kimi dake wo mitsuke daseru kara



oikakete kiri hiraita ano sora de

Seeking my way

hitosuji no hikari ni naru


dokomademo deguchi no nai meikyuu de

Seeking my way

ima yatto tadoritsuita with you


I’ll take you to the higher stage

Anyway ride me baby

I’ll take you to the higher stage

At last I find you

About Natsuki Takaya

Natsuki Takaya

If you are a certified manga addict, then perhaps you would know her.  Natsuki Takaya is the Japanese manga artist of the famous manga Fruits Basket (you probably have seen the anime adaptation) J.  That’s her pen name – she is born as Naka Hatake, on July 7, under the star sign Cancer.


I love her manga really – oh, I also love the 26-episode anime adaptation.  Because of the famous Fruits Basket manga, she received the Kodansha Manga Award for shojo in 2001.


My favorite Fruits Basket character is Kyou, the cat – hmmm, I can’t deny he’s really appealing, and I also like the character of the wacky Shigure-san.


I’m currently reading her manga Boku ga Utau to Kimi wa Warau Kara, though I’m really slow in terms of reading it because the semester is going to be over soon and lots and lots and lots of things are to be done.  whew!

Paradise Kiss

If you have read Ai Yazawa’s manga Gokinjo Monogatari and you happen to love it, then probably you would also enjoy the semi-sequel of this work – Paradise Kiss.  Paradise Kiss, or ParaKiss, is an original 5-volume manga written by Yazawa, and has been adapted into a 12-episode anime produced by Aniplex and Studio Madhouse.  I’ve seen the anime in Animax, who broadcast the series and widely distributed it and it was so amazing.

The protagonist of the story is Yukari Hayazaka, also nicknamed Caroline, a highschool student who is already bored with her life driven by routines, thus, when she meets the Parakiss crew, she models for them and decides to stop her review for the university entrance examinations.  She matures little by little through her relationship with George Koizumi, a chic and handsome university student, and a fashion designer.  George designs Yukari’s outfit when she models for them, or for anybody else.  Along with the Parakiss crew are Miwako Sakarada a cute and childlike university student who fondly calls Yukari ‘Caroline’ a lot and Arashi Nagase, the punk, rock and hardcore guy who is a band member and Miwako’s girlfriend.  The mother figure of the Parakiss crew is none other than Daisuke “Isabella” Yamamoto, but she is actually a crossdresser.

But one character that I will not forget in this anime is Hiroyuki Tokumori, Yukari’s classmate – a handsome, appealing, silent and intelligent young man, who always looks out for Yukari and concern for her studies. In the first part of the anime, Hiroyuki is the object of Yukari’s affection, but her emotions shifts to George when she meets him.  I like Hiroyuki because his character reminds me of my highschool crush (and I still like that guy) – both are intelligent in the first place.  *giggles

Oh yeah, too much for digressions.

Not to forget the theme songs of the anime – Lonely in Gorgeous performed by Tommy February6 is the opening theme, and Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand is the ending theme.

If you really love fashion, you’ll fall in love with this anime. J

Emma: A Victorian Romance



It was a pity that I didn’t have the chance to finish watching a Cinderella-like story of Emma: A Victorian Romance in Animax.  It was first aired on the channel when I was still in high school, and because the evening schedule wasn’t just fit for my schedule, I didn’t have the chance to watch the later episodes.  The storyline was great though, very heartwarming but still, it’s no good to think that still I haven’t had the chance to watch it.  I only watched a few good earlier episodes.  I also watched the continuation of the anime via YouTube but I was too broke at that time.  In short, I just don’t have the chance.

Now that I’m starting downloading a few manga copies of my own choice I stumbled upon the manga version of Emma and I was perfectly happy to download and finally finished the whole story! I was so delighted, it was a very good story, mind you, and sometimes I think about the romantic story in my serious, so-called reflection moments.  Ha! I just like the character of William Jounes and I also like Hakim too! I think Hakim is much more appealing to me, though his ‘girls’ are kind of disturbing.  Then again, I think I’ll prefer Will.

The story was about the maid Emma, who came to work with the retired live-in governess and widowed Kelly Stowner. One day, William Jounes, who was Kelly Stowner’s former student, visited her.  There he bumped into Emma, and fell in love with her.  But William is the oldest son of the noble family of Jounes, and her father Richard already decided that his son would marry Eleanor Campbell, who was a daughter of a viscount.  And then, the conflict starts here.

But I’m not spilling out the whole story here though, I would like you to read it yourself because it’s a very nice manga.

Probably by far, the most dramatic page in the manga.

Probably by far, the most dramatic page in the manga.

The manga series was written by Kaoru Mori.  I would like to thank Iihan Translation Group for coming up with a good manga release such as this and Stoptazmo as well for the distribution.  I’m so happy and would like to thank personally the people who were involved with this manga project especially to

the translators whispers and mogura;

to by_request for a good editing job;

to squeeks and jedi_vader20 for the distribution;

to the quality checker boke;

to !waha.06×36 for providing the raw volumes;

and to the scanners winny and anonymous!  I saw your names in the manga copy that I have.  Thanks a lot guys, you rock!

The manga has a total of 52 chapters in 7 volumes, so its not really painstaking to read it.  Besides, it’s all worth it.




Now that it’s semestral break I have the chance to watch xxxHolic in Animax.  I was not able to see the earlier episodes because I didn’t know it has replays every weekends but the anime is easy to understand and so I got at least, the ‘idea’ of the whole anime.  If you love Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Magical Knights Rayearth or Tsubasa Chronicles, then probably you would also love xxxHolic, as they are both planned and presented by Clamp originally.  xxxHolic is a seinen manga that is serialized in Kodansha Young Magazine and published widely in places like United States and United Kingdom.

The story is about the high school student Kimihiro Watanuki who keeps on seeing ghosts and spirits, which disturbs him a lot, and so when he stumbles upon a shop that grants wishes, he wishes to never see those troublesome spirits again.  The shop is own by Yūko Ichihara, a devious, beautiful and mysterious witch.  She grants Watanuki’s request, but for a price – Watanuki will become Ichihara’s part-time employee, assisting the witch in through small errands.  Yūko tends to be really demanding in lavish degrees, and Watanuki becomes irritable sometimes.

I love the opening theme song of the anime entitled 19sai performed by Suga Shikao.

Yoshimori is Love!

I don’t why but even though Yoshimori doesn’t really have the ‘good looks’, I think I’m still way attracted to him.  I constantly watch the anime Kekkaishi every weekend to see him.  Shounen characters like him really are appealing for anime viewers, and that’s because they are so funny, and so stubborn at times.

Yoshimori (Kekkaishi)

Yoshimori (Kekkaishi)

I haven’t yet started downloading the manga version though, I’m still preoccupied with the other manga comics as well like Karin, Midori no Hibi, School Rumble, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou and Ayashi no Ceres. I decided to finish them first before starting with Kekkaishi.  I’m so crazy over these stuffs, that sometimes I think I’m not in myself anymore.  Anime brain overload, I say.

But of course, I will have the manga copy in due time, it’s just that I have my other priorities as well.  And I won’t let such popular shounen manga unread, to think that it even won the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2007!  It’s got to be really exciting, the manga version.

The manga series was originally written by Yellow Tanabe, and the anime adaptation was produced by Sunrise.

As of the moment, I contend myself with watching the anime adaptation in Hero channel.  And in case you’d miss the prime telecast, you can always have a blast with the replays.

The story is about Yoshimori Sumimura, who is a kekkaishi or a ‘barrier master’.  Along with Tokine Yukimura as heirs of the Hazama clan, their task is to protect the land of Karasumori, where the former feudal lord’s power was buried five hundred years ago. They have to destroy what they call the Ayakashi or the demons/monsters that try to seize the power of Karasumori.

And Yoshimura is an interesting guy by the way.  He reminds me of Junpei Manaka of Ichigo 100%, (except the fact the Junpei is a perverted guy) but both of them are really amusing. Yoshimori is a pretty funny and lazy guy but aggressive in using his kekkai against any ayakashi.  His childhood friend Tokine who is two years older than he is, is a more logical kekkaishi, and she always tries to protect Yoshimori in any case.  Yoshimori develops feelings for her, although it is in the later part of the series that Tokine becomes aware of it.  Uh-oh.

Probably one of the reasons why I always go home on weekends is to watch this anime.  I just hate missing any episodes of it.