First Timers

We’re not experienced drinkers
nor swimmers, we wade ankle deep
and dive into the ocean
of the unknown, like a new born child
with a penchant for anything that’s new
and soothing.

We see how beauty manifests itself
in the presence of saffron lights at dusk
(which, when sober, might be
wrongly written off as “dull”) –
the loveliest of all time
just a speck of our own reflection
on the clear water
truly awash against the distant city lights

and few words escape our mouths this time
our cheeks reddened and aching fit to burst
the fishbones stuck inside our throats
our words afloat, wooed by the waves
to where we slowly explore.


The Fire Walker

Can you still remember

the day when we first met?

It was a hot night.A beach party.

And you were the night’s

first fire walker –

We gathered around

to see you walking barefooted

over burning coals and hot stones.

I could see the fire reflected

in other people’s eyes,

around me

as the night was filled with jeers

and cheers.

That night, we met up,

we hooked up –

our feelings were like slivers

of fire under the soles of our feet.


And I also walked

over that bed of embers, remember?

but unlike the others, I didn’t know

the future blistering days

were coming right

behind me.