Things That Irritate the Heck Out of Me

We all have our own notions of pet peeves and my list does not involve popular ones like loud music, spam emails,  fat people panhandling, grammatical mistakes or even crying infants.  My own set of pet peeves has to do with the dried toothpaste in the sink, presence of too many people, solving simple math problems, Guy de Maupassant-ish movies or pointless action flicks and those Pe0PLe Hu Typ LyK tHisz. Continue reading

The Movie That Moved Me

It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others. – Marquis de Sade

Quills is the modern adaptation of the life of Marquis de Sade, a French aristocrat known for his steamy writings that deeply counteract the Catholic Church’s ideals. I like how the director explores the nature of each character (especially the character of Abbe du Coulmier, played by Joaquin Phoenix). The literary element of frisson (“shudder”) is present all through out. I really put a high premium on movies that are character-based, as I believe these are the kinds of movies that bring out catharsis for most viewers.

And you should watch it so that you can “experience” the frisson I’m talking about. It is witty, devastating, assertive, direct, obnoxious, overwhelming, driven and wonderful!

Note: please don’t be a bigot.

PS. I love Geoffrey Rush. He is definitely perfect for this role.

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In a bad light

What happened in the Maguindanao Massacre is a gruesome murder of civilians, women and journalists, a result of the state of lawlessness in Maguindanao and the danger of private armies of powerful clans and families in the place. The massacre indeed earned feelings of sympathy for the victims and incurred hatred from all over journalists and media people not only in the country, but also throughout the whole world. With this incident, the country is put in a bad light, and labeled as one of the most dangerous countries for journalists.

While the forum held in AVR is meant to share with us the different angles of the issue, I still feel repulsive of the whole idea of massacre and I wanted so much for the perpetrators to pay for the crimes that they did. I think that what happened there in Maguindanao is purely cultural – sending women and journalists to file the COCs in the hope that these people (the murderers) wouldn’t hurt them. But apparently this idea drastically miscalculated the violent capabilities of the murderers to kill them. I couldn’t believe it myself that these murderers could be capable of doing gruesome things like shooting skulls, bodies crushed and buried, and women raped. Wasn’t there any hint of goodness and hesitation in the murderers’ part? From the state of the victims uncovered in the crime scenes, I don’t think so.

We are still groping for a shed of light and justice for what happened in the Maguindanao massacre. I hope that the government will disband these private armies before they became another group of people to hold long-running insurgencies against the government – so as not to repeat such hideous murder. Although I can’t help myself to feel cynical about the government’s plans to sort this out, I want to believe that there’s still hope in preventing further brutal killings such as this.

Chain Messages

It’s really weird right, when suddenly your long lost text mate, (perhaps a high school friend) texted you.  You’re happy of course, knowing that you haven’t keep in touch with each other for so many weeks but you just realized that’s it’s just one of those dim-witted forwarding messages that makes your head reel like mad.   These messages that I’m talking about are those messages that contain words like “pass this message or you’ll die”, “I’m not joking, tested and proven, you have to pass this”, “you’ll receive a miracle after 10 days if you pass this to nth people…” and the worst message I received was “this is a curse, you have to pass this or your mother will die…”. It’s insulting in a way, on how people reacted so initially at these messages, and perhaps clamoring to forward it to his/her legions.  Sometimes, I feel afraid too, but then I’d realized that these messages are really absurd in a way.  And it makes me feel sad that this maybe the only freaking reason to text me, just because I’m one of those nth people, or because he or she is running out of text mates to send it to.  Weird, but true. But these messages really piss me off.  I think the how and why of it is self-explanatory enough.

I never pass messages like that to my friends, but still I’m alive and kicking.


The beginning of my transformation from a super darling tot to a very modest lady (well not really, but to add a bit of flavor, let it be that way anyway) started when I was in elementary.  I remember back then when I used to join in a war-play, where instead of throwing missiles and bombs – stones became a necessity to win the game.  I, of course, manage to come out unscathed, because I played the role as the captured princess, between the two supposedly warring states, (all my childhood friends were boys), and so they were all trying to snatch me from the clutches of each other, and vice versa.

When I was in the later part of my grade school years I outgrew these kinds of things – playing with guys outdoors were starting to be really awkward.  And having a crush – a childish attraction to one of my playmates became really confusing for me.  Finally, it’s as if an invisible force separated me from them.  The feeling to sever ties between us was mutual too.

Now, that I am in college I realized how cool it was to be a kid – you don’t have to think about a lot of serious stuffs, and you would gladly appreciate anything in this world.  I have lost that kind of feeling for quite a while.  I sure want to take those back.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

You could say I am an HP addict.And that is why I am totally excited for the upcoming Harry Potter movie, the sixth installment of the the HP saga – the Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince or HP6 for short.

Harry Potter 6

Harry Potter 6

The film is of course, derived from the bestselling series of JK Rowling, and the film is set to be released on July 17, 2009 – that’s three months away from now!The director of the fifth HP movie David Yates also directed this movie.

The movie is still about fighting the evil Lord Voldemort (played by Ralph Fiennes) and one of the exciting scenes of the story involves the lead character Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) egging the new Potions teacher Professor Horace Slughorn to divulge some crucial information that would help Harry to defeat Voldemort one way or the other.

And finally the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is no other else but Snape.

In the class setting, Harry Potter also acquires help from the anonymous Half-Blood Prince through his Potions book.I’m excited how it would be portray in the screen.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this movie! Definitely, one of the most anticipated movie of the year.

He’s Not Prowling Around

I was just browsing through entertainment news in the internet, and I was totally surprised of the amount of Robert Pattinson stuff in there! I never thought the Twilight star was that really famous. Laughs.

Oh, okay, I love him in his tempting performance as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie. Yeah, I think so. And he looks even more vampiric nowadays.

But as I read in the People mag, he’s not really prowling around for a girlfriend, or so he says. So I could just imagine all the tweens out there swooning in delight. Although there are rumors spreading that he’s dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, the latter says that romantic relationship would be limited on-screen. And Robert Pattinson was so funny when he said that he has to be a vampire to find the right woman. Cool!

So What’s High School (Part 2)

Academics Phenomena

Study! Study!

Study! Study!

There is a certain kind of academic competition in high school that is definitely different in the academic competition that we usually have in college.In my opinion, most of these competitions I’m talking about are quite destructive, quite shattering for those people who are perfectionists and achievers.

I’ve experienced something like this in high school.I’m just an average student; sometimes I can roll the ball, sometimes I fail to hit it.But the thing is, you put so much premium on how good grades would affect your overall personality as a teenager, and you tend to believe that the possibility of this could make other people envy you, or you can have as many friends or suitors if you like.Competition is tight and quite intense at this moment – most teenagers wouldn’t want to let their guards down against their so-called ‘academic enemies’.I think that’s normal.Everybody goes through that, even if it’s only a brief moment of it.

When I was in high school, I admit that there’s nothing more important in my academic life than achieving high scores (or passing scores – applicable to math).I would gripe over low test scores in contrast with my other classmates, and this made me really terrible.I would study real hard at night, memorizing terms that never really etched in my brain the way they should be.Memorizations were just a momentary academic drift that’s purely cerebral, just for the sake of answering the teacher’s objective questions.Students would raise hands in class – academic battles include shouting, debating, confrontations and interruptions. I began to join clubs to get extra curricular points, not minding that a club can be a nurturing niche that would enrich your perspective in the same interests that holds the essence of the group.For me, clubs were only for the heck of it, and I won’t mind what would be the philosophical undertones – it’s just a matter of achievement and popularity in terms of academics.There is no such thing as personal and essential growth as a person in high school.You could realize that there exists something like that – even just a glint – when you get a little mature.And you are lucky if you get to mature early in highschool. When I reach college I begin to see things clearly.A little maturity and more experience do matter.

So What’s High School (Part 1)

Identity Crisis and Insecurities

When I was still in high school, you could just imagine how excruciating it is for me to stare in front of the mirror and look at my face.I have lots of insecurities, especially in high school: no long legs to boot, no slender body to flaunt, uneven skin tone and pimple marks.These are mainly the reasons why I usually walk slouching my shoulders because I’m not confident when passing by corridors.I would feel uncomfortable meeting new people,especially if I notice that their eyes are to travel from my head to foot.Or at least, maybe I’m just overly emotional and self-conscious – after all that is what high school is about: mood swings, unstable feelings, sudden insecurities and first loves.

I studied in the city’s public high school.I’m the youngest in the family and my older brother and my two sisters also went in the same public high.The good thing about public high school is that there is a wide array of people going in and out in your teenage life: you get to meet them and mingle with their different personalities (but mind you, there are much more ‘difference’ in terms of people personalities in college than in high school).I was not the kind of girl that easily gets in the group – I felt comfortable at the backdrop watching other people having fun, meeting up, talking and falling in love.Through out high school, it’s always like that.I was not a notable member in any of the academic clubs in high school – I only ventured out to be a writer for the school’s publication in the later years when I was able to pluck up the courage to contribute my petty writings.Nevertheless, I also joined CAT organization in my fourth year, and I could say that it really helped me in building the leadership that I never thought I had.

Well, it’s true that in high school you may feel like you are a liminal – like you don’t belong either the groups.You felt like it’s something like that.You felt you’re squeezed.You easily broke down when you see your crush talking animatedly with another girl, and get occasional monthly mood swings that you couldn’t pin down why.You also felt frustrations when dealing with the volcanic zits popping in and out in your face – like they were tiny zits of hidden anger you could not express.Things like this are so like high school, and this is usually and generally true among people out there.

Identity crisis usually happens in the later years of gradeschool, extending into hurly-burly life of high school.Initial and instant bouts of ‘young jealousies’ happens here.Insecurities are likely. For my part, it would be the pimples.Gosh, how I hate pimples.As I was not used to it before, I felt helpless and I felt embarrassed what to do with them.Now I felt lucky for the younger generations because pimple treatments are all over the place – books, self-help magazines and internet.

Now, I’m over with those high school stuff. I think so. Laughs. There are lots of things interesting and quite different in college: prospect jobs, serious relationships, beer bottles, or even all night parties.

Twilight The Movie and The Hottest Predator

Edward Cullen - Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is considered to be the hottest predator there is today. I think that he is really good in portraying the role as a vampire. As we have already seen Pattinson in his ultra good, excellent and kind Hufflepuff boy in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – here in the Twilight movie, his fascinating vampiric nature will be revealed.

Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory

Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory

I still remember the time when I’m still reading the Harry Potter series and I thought that Cedric’s character is really interesting. Now that I just finished the Twilight, the actual pull of interest in actually that intense, especially for the fact that I could visualize Pattinson more and his wild side in Twilight .

Well to get to know Edward more – he’s born really just a normal kid with the full name Edward Anthony Masen Cullen on June 20, 1901. Sort of a century year old guy if you ask me. But he actually died of Spanish influenza when he was 17, and thanks to Carlisle, the super appealing boy has restored his self as an immortal vampire. So Edward is just this hostile boy in class, but he is actually interested in playing baseball and piano, and you get the idea that he enjoys riding fast cars. He also loves classical music (go figure! he’s actually old! just kidding… ) He’s special abilities include reading minds of people, except Bella Swan, the female protagonist of the movie

Closer Look on Edward

Closer Look on Edward

He is never known to have any romantic relationship for over a century, not until she meets Bella Swan. Actually he felt the desire to bite her the moment he notices her, and he actually went to Alaska to unwind with this ‘unnatural’ behavior (as his family doesn’t feed on humans) but he came back, eventually to Forks. There he began to talk with Bella more, and he fell in love with Bella. And the feeling was mutual because the mortal Bella is head over heels in love with him too! Oh great.

Edward knew for a fact that it is an obvious risk to be with Bella, as he didn’t want to bite her accidentally, and the fact that he could never change the truth that he was a vampire. But life goes on with the two, and Bella loves Edward in whatever form that he is, and well, much much more conflicts will arise regarding this set-up. But you have to read the entire series for the rest or this. Or chill with the upcoming movie, which will premiere on November 21 this year.

The Twilight movie was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, produced by Twilight Prod. and distributed by Summit Entertainment. It is classified as a romantic-fantasy film, which stars Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan. Twilight soundtracks include Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, Full Moon by Black Ghosts, Decode by Paramore, Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park, and many more.