I just finished reading Stephenie Meyer’s book entitled Twilight, and I was so thrilled with the story. Even more exciting is the fact that the novel has an upcoming motion picture with the same title, starring Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. You still remember Robert Pattinson? He’s Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie series, and this is got to be his first major starred movie. Giggles.

The novel was already out since September 2005, but it was only until just in recent years that it finally caught my attention. Sigh. Probably because of the fact that I’m totally busy reading more classic novels (class requirements) and I was so happy that I was able to read this new book. The fact that the Harry Potter book series was over and is finally concluded, this hip new series is probably worth my time.

The story is mainly about Bella Swann who decides to live with his father in Forks – (her parents were divorced). So it’s a new environment – rainy and snowy town and meeting new classmates in her new school. Bella didn’t find it hard to fit in to the crowd, in fact, almost all guys are all eyes on her, but she is totally intrigued with Edward Cullen, an appealing but hostile senior student. Things get really complicated when she finds out that Edward was actually a vampire although his clan doesn’t really feeds on humans, and she is constantly involved with him. Even more exciting is the fact that she’s hopelessly in love with Edward, and the feeling was mutual too! But certainly there seems to be lots of life-threatening situations they have to face in this novel before the novel reaches its height.

The book has 24 chapters, excluding the preface and the epilogue. Most of the scenes in the book are closely concentrated between Bella and Edward and their witty conversations, although there are also side-bit chapters about the Cullen family, and other significant characters. The book is easy to read and very conversational, which makes it really enjoyable, although there are times in the story when the conversations get really ‘syrupy’ in a sense – but in general, I could say that teenage girls would enjoy this more than hardcore guys.

Now, now, what really interests me is the upcoming motion picture. If I have to imagine what I just read from the book – I think the movie is much much exciting because it seems as if the book was written to be adapted in a motion picture in the future. True, images in the novel are clear and vivid, and are better rendered in the screen. Well, that’s just my presumption, but along with the Twilight fans out there, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Reading Too Much

t_1013Probably you’ll agree with me if i say that reading too much may not always do something good for you. Me? Yes, i love reading a lot, i love books, i love magazines, i do reading when i’m in the bathroom, or lying in my bed, or snuggling in my couch – any place possible. That’s why my mother keeps on telling me to read literally ‘in the light’ because i keep on complaining that i have frequent headaches already. My friend, who happens to be a know-it-all, says that maybe i should get some Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni – those chic eyeglasses of which i browse in the internet, and i found out that Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Well, i think my friend is right. The worst thing that may happen to me could be not seeing things clearly. Gosh, i’m too panicky already at this stage, but all the same i have to be ready for what’s going to happen in real time. I think one should take care of their eyes, it’s the easiest way to see things, and in cases it turns out for the worst, there is always, great eyeglasses for less to boot.

Early Edition and my Modern Day Super Hero!

Now that I’m over the Psych TV series, I am currently hooked with Early Edition!

Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler

I love Kyle Chandler who plays the character of Gary Hobson, a guy who mysteriously receives a fictitious Chicago Sun Times newspaper every morning through an orange cat. Yes, and you think that’s normal? Oh well, it’s just that the newspaper that he gets every morning is actually published a day advanced, which means that it is sort of ‘a future newspaper’. That’s a nice plot, I say. And not to mention Kyle is soooo handsome and appealing, and that actually hooks me to watch the series everyday. The TV series’ original run was on CBS, but I’m currently watching the series through AXN.

The good thing about the show is that it isn’t hard to get into the plot because the back-to-back episodes are self-contained stories that would tie up the whole plot. You only have to know about Gary Hobson, the tabby cat and his friends and a couple of ideas on what’s going on.

I love Chandler’s character every time he tries to prevent terrible future events as much as he can. It’s definitely jeopardy for Chandler. And after doing something for these terrible future events, the newspaper headlines change because of what he did. The bad thing about saving the world is that he’s too much preoccupied of saving other people that he doesn’t have time anymore for his personal interests, like having a steady girlfriend or something like that. Lucky he has friends like Chuck Fishman and Marissa Clark to support him.

Still, Kyle Chandler is my modern day superhero!

Back To School

Oh yes, semestral break is over and it’s time to be in school again. It’s the start of the second semester already, and everyone is on the run to get on with the school stuff. Enrollment was smooth this time, which came out as a surprise. Things do change overtime. 😉

My entire semestral break was spent mostly watching TV, specifically favorite TV shows like Honey and Clover (this one’s a replay already, but I like Yamada a lot, and Nomiya’s playfulness, Inuyasha (another rerun again, but still I can’t deny it still rocks), Early Edition (oh, I love the plot of the story, and the idea of modern day superhero!), School Rumble (it’s the season 2, and it gets funnier and funnier every single day!), and many many more! I also read quite a few books, and I’m still reading that famous Twilight book. I say it’s really amazing, I can’t wait to see the movie.

Now that I have to be away from home again during weekdays, then I wouldn’t have the chance to watch my favorite anime shows. I have to stay in the boarding house again, nothing much to do because there’s no TV at all, and all you have to do is bury yourself over prospect piles of readings again. I’ll be taking fiction and poetry classes, so it’s a very hyperactive writing experience this semester. But surely, this coming semester’s a very promising one – with lots of major subjects to take, and the same batch mates to discuss the old things with.

Beijing Water Cube

The 2008 Summer Olympics Games will be hosted by China, and probably that’s why this big-time country is building state-of-the-art and unique buildings for the event. One of this is my personal favorite: the Beijing National Aquatics Center, which is also known as the Beijing Water Cube, because of its structural design similarity as that of the soap bubbles. Cute huh? I saw this feature in National Geographic Channel, Made in China.

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