The beginning of my transformation from a super darling tot to a very modest lady (well not really, but to add a bit of flavor, let it be that way anyway) started when I was in elementary.  I remember back then when I used to join in a war-play, where instead of throwing missiles and bombs – stones became a necessity to win the game.  I, of course, manage to come out unscathed, because I played the role as the captured princess, between the two supposedly warring states, (all my childhood friends were boys), and so they were all trying to snatch me from the clutches of each other, and vice versa.

When I was in the later part of my grade school years I outgrew these kinds of things – playing with guys outdoors were starting to be really awkward.  And having a crush – a childish attraction to one of my playmates became really confusing for me.  Finally, it’s as if an invisible force separated me from them.  The feeling to sever ties between us was mutual too.

Now, that I am in college I realized how cool it was to be a kid – you don’t have to think about a lot of serious stuffs, and you would gladly appreciate anything in this world.  I have lost that kind of feeling for quite a while.  I sure want to take those back.

Steel Power

I just recently watched Discovery channel’s episode of Megastructures, featuring the Beijing International Airport, and I love it!

I’m really amazed on how the other countries progress in terms of their engineering technologies.Sometimes, I would imagine myself standing before a scene of a huge bare landscape – me wearing a yellow hard hat, and holding a piece of welded metal and witnessing other people driving bulldozers all over the place.It had always been my childhood dream, riding those engines, manipulating buttons, building bridges, riveting metals… constructing and deconstructing things literally (the later part is quite literary, *smirks) etc…

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