The Expendables, oh my!

Bullets go faster than blades

For many weeks I have anticipated what it’s like to finally watch The Expendables, but when I had the chance, I told myself, “Oh my, Stallone blew it off!” Continue reading

Things That I Got This Christmas

Whew! Christmas! This is why I love the season very much. I get to received some stuff.

So these are the things that I got this Christmas:

1. a new pair of jeans from sister

2. a thick blue green jacket from brother (forced him to give the jacket)

3. 2 pink hello kitty hair clips from sister

4. a usb mouse from myself

5. The Odyssey study guide book from mom

Cute things. But the gifts made me happy because I was not expecting them.

Happy holidays!

Hello 2009!

New Year’s Day! And I welcome the coming of the year 2009, and at the same time, I’m totally thankful for what really happened last year – whether it’s terrible or delightful, still they constituted lots of memories worth recalling in moments when you feel sentimental.

I usually do a year-end special blog posts here, but this time I’d be brief. Lol. Let’s see if I can, though I can’t promise.

Year 2008 marks a year full of new challenges – in blogging, in school, and in my personal indulgences. Haha. I’m in my second year, second semester in the university when the year started, taking difficult and challenging subjects like biotech and major creative writing subjects. The year extended in my third year, second semester, where there seemed to be a lot of things to write for class requirements.

I also watched cool anime shows this year 2008 that definitely moved me, which included Bokura ga Ita, Honey and Clover Season II, La Corda D’Oro Primo Passo, School Rumble, Kekkaishi, Darker than Black, Emma season II and many many more!



After a major Christmas vacation in year 2007, class resumed again, and the class started with a discussion of a poem by William Wordsworth, “The World is Too Much With Us.” I wouldn’t forget this one because it’s one of my favorite poems, and we discussed it at the start of the school year 2008 in our British Literature II class. Lots of things happened in January 2008: I found out that Adrian actually came back [can’t specify much detail here], and more exams and reports to face after the academic hiatus. Le Chevalier D’Eon anime ended with a very weird resolution – if that was really a resolution of some sort. I remember taking a painstaking biotech exams and presenting my Starlink Controversy report in class. We also had badminton sessions in Downtown since the Atrium is being renovated – that’s why the Badminton PE class had to go Downtown to finally start the tournament. It was tiring and expensive to go there, but I learned to familiarize with some places here in the city, even though there were frequent close accidents in the streets and more nerve-racking experiences while riding public vehicles.

Then came the Love Month February, which is as usual, very difficult to deal with because I casually get emotional during this time of the year. The month started with the usual painstaking Pregistration period for next semester’s subjects. I also managed to gather all the remaining courage I had here to add AD in my friendster (lol).

The Sandman

The Sandman

There were frequent library sessions because of the looming workload for my major subjects. I also passed my biotech exam, and I realized that it was worth to stay up late at night to labor hard for it. We continued to read interesting poems and short stories in my literature classes, and start writing our own in our first creative class. I’m so happy because I was able to read the story “The Sandman” by ETA Hoffman in my Criticisms II class, and that is why I considered the story as one of my personal favorites. The course program had the usual art performance entitled “Sinews of Syllables” which is a night of poetry, dance, music, etc., and we also had our exhibit about our course program itself.

Lots of reflections happened in the month of March. Probably because the semester is close to ending and it’s time to really get on the move and get myself serious to finish the pile of workloads. This time I attended my first ever poetry workshop, along with my batchmates. So I began to reflect basically on any thing, and trying to see poetry in them: mothballs, noodles, tattoos, etc. We had a Feminism exhibit during this time, since it was Women’s Month. We also had our Jap class end-party – having completed the four Japanese Continue reading

Literally Cold Christmas

tissue please!

tissue please!

You want to know what’s a terrible morning like? You wake up and finding that the petty itch in the throat you felt last night suddenly evolved into a cold. And on Christmas day too! So, I’m up here trying to stabilize my breathing. Aside from clogged nose, I also have occasional headaches, which irks me since I’m planning to read as much books as I could during the holiday break. To top it all off, I had this unintentional inclination to sleep – a totally loathing magnetic effect, considering that I have loads of things to do which includes 15 required poems and a short story as class requirements.

But all the same, life goes on even if it means having to deal with a disastrous cold. I’m still blaming the beer because of this excruciating experience. Still, it’s literally cold this Christmas.

Honey and Clover Manga

I finished downloading the manga Honey and Clover, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the continuing chapters in season 2. Probably, the Shoujo Magic hasn’t finished scanlating it, well, no wonder, it is hard to translate such difficult series.

However, if you have the full copy of the season 2 (and so on) scanlated manga, please let me know! I only got three chapter- scanlated copies of the volume two, that is from chapters 10-12, but since it is still ongoing (whatever happened, please do continue Shoujo Magic!) I’m still waiting here!

I love the Honey and Clover manga. And I’ve also seen its season 1 and 2 anime version that premiered on Animax. However, I haven’t seen yet the live action series (or is it movie?).

I made a summary out of the season one Honey and Clover manga because I love it so much. If you planned to read the manga and wishes not to get spoiled here, DON’T READ BEYOND THIS because it might Continue reading