From Davao to Bangkok: Day 02

I have broken the sanctity of my entire trip, which was originally planned to be a “Thoreauvian escape”, by constantly checking my online accounts.  I had just traveled an appromixately 2,300 miles from Davao City to Bangkok, with an intermediate noon flight stop in Manila in between.

The intention was to ultimately free myself from the stress of work but the internet has become so indispensable that by the time I arrived in my destination all I ever had in my mind was to come in contact with my boss and still continue working on some of the tasks.

So in the next few days I would have to oscillate between having fun touring around the place and working under pressure at the same time.

For as long as in the end I’d get to cross the River Kwai, I wouldn’t have to make such a great deal out of this.  Two years ago, I have read Pierre Boulle’s novel The Bridge Over the River Kwai and subsequently watched its 1957 film adaptation (“The Bridge On The River Kwai”) directed by the infamous David Lean, and felt that the grandeur of the story, as shown both in the novel and film, was both overwhelming and transcendent.

From then on, I promised myself that the only thing left to do is to visit that historical railway.

There are times when suddenly you realize you’re nearer the end than the beginning.  And you wonder, you ask yourself, what the sum total of your life represents.

– The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)