Reading Too Much

t_1013Probably you’ll agree with me if i say that reading too much may not always do something good for you. Me? Yes, i love reading a lot, i love books, i love magazines, i do reading when i’m in the bathroom, or lying in my bed, or snuggling in my couch – any place possible. That’s why my mother keeps on telling me to read literally ‘in the light’ because i keep on complaining that i have frequent headaches already. My friend, who happens to be a know-it-all, says that maybe i should get some Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni – those chic eyeglasses of which i browse in the internet, and i found out that Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Well, i think my friend is right. The worst thing that may happen to me could be not seeing things clearly. Gosh, i’m too panicky already at this stage, but all the same i have to be ready for what’s going to happen in real time. I think one should take care of their eyes, it’s the easiest way to see things, and in cases it turns out for the worst, there is always, great eyeglasses for less to boot.

Honey and Clover Manga

I finished downloading the manga Honey and Clover, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the continuing chapters in season 2. Probably, the Shoujo Magic hasn’t finished scanlating it, well, no wonder, it is hard to translate such difficult series.

However, if you have the full copy of the season 2 (and so on) scanlated manga, please let me know! I only got three chapter- scanlated copies of the volume two, that is from chapters 10-12, but since it is still ongoing (whatever happened, please do continue Shoujo Magic!) I’m still waiting here!

I love the Honey and Clover manga. And I’ve also seen its season 1 and 2 anime version that premiered on Animax. However, I haven’t seen yet the live action series (or is it movie?).

I made a summary out of the season one Honey and Clover manga because I love it so much. If you planned to read the manga and wishes not to get spoiled here, DON’T READ BEYOND THIS because it might Continue reading

Meeting the Sandman

“I enjoyed nothing better than reading or hearing horrible stories of goblins, witches, pygmies, etc., but most horrible of all was the Sandman, whom I was always drawing with chalk or charcoal, on the tables, cupboards, and walls, in the oddest and most frightful shapes.”

-Nathaniel in The Sandman by E.T.A. Hoffman

It would be really traumatic that at such a young age you were told that there is one person in this world that exists only to steal eyes in children who wouldn’t go to sleep, only to feed them on his own.I think every child (that includes me, when I was once), had their shares of frightful experiences.When I was young, I used to imagine scenes in my mind from the sounds that I heard, and sometimes, those mental images that I created haunted me in my dreams.Or maybe there might be some instances when your parents (or anyone older) would scare you off with something (or someone) just to make you do something you wouldn’t want to do, like sleeping in the afternoons or eating your vegetables.I, for once, have been told that the old man living three blocks away from our house kidnaps children who wouldn’t sleep in the afternoons.I’ve believed that with all of my heart, and that old man (who happened to be a noble retired soldier) became my object of fear for quite a long time.

At some point we find it hard to distinguish the thin line between reality and fantasy. Continue reading