High School

It was half-past six in the morning and I was walking in the school corridor sometime in March. The air was full of fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers. I stopped for a while and smelled the familiar fragrance of someone quite akin to those flowers.

He caught up with me, and greeted me with a casual good morning. A passing glance – but still I couldn’t find the right words to say straight to his face. I never thought talking to someone like him could be this complicated. I felt desperate to say something in the crucial moment. I saw him clutching his guitar. “You have brought your guitar.” I casually said. He just nodded and Continue reading

So What’s High School (Part 2)

Academics Phenomena

Study! Study!

Study! Study!

There is a certain kind of academic competition in high school that is definitely different in the academic competition that we usually have in college.In my opinion, most of these competitions I’m talking about are quite destructive, quite shattering for those people who are perfectionists and achievers.

I’ve experienced something like this in high school.I’m just an average student; sometimes I can roll the ball, sometimes I fail to hit it.But the thing is, you put so much premium on how good grades would affect your overall personality as a teenager, and you tend to believe that the possibility of this could make other people envy you, or you can have as many friends or suitors if you like.Competition is tight and quite intense at this moment – most teenagers wouldn’t want to let their guards down against their so-called ‘academic enemies’.I think that’s normal.Everybody goes through that, even if it’s only a brief moment of it.

When I was in high school, I admit that there’s nothing more important in my academic life than achieving high scores (or passing scores – applicable to math).I would gripe over low test scores in contrast with my other classmates, and this made me really terrible.I would study real hard at night, memorizing terms that never really etched in my brain the way they should be.Memorizations were just a momentary academic drift that’s purely cerebral, just for the sake of answering the teacher’s objective questions.Students would raise hands in class – academic battles include shouting, debating, confrontations and interruptions. I began to join clubs to get extra curricular points, not minding that a club can be a nurturing niche that would enrich your perspective in the same interests that holds the essence of the group.For me, clubs were only for the heck of it, and I won’t mind what would be the philosophical undertones – it’s just a matter of achievement and popularity in terms of academics.There is no such thing as personal and essential growth as a person in high school.You could realize that there exists something like that – even just a glint – when you get a little mature.And you are lucky if you get to mature early in highschool. When I reach college I begin to see things clearly.A little maturity and more experience do matter.

So What’s High School (Part 1)

Identity Crisis and Insecurities

When I was still in high school, you could just imagine how excruciating it is for me to stare in front of the mirror and look at my face.I have lots of insecurities, especially in high school: no long legs to boot, no slender body to flaunt, uneven skin tone and pimple marks.These are mainly the reasons why I usually walk slouching my shoulders because I’m not confident when passing by corridors.I would feel uncomfortable meeting new people,especially if I notice that their eyes are to travel from my head to foot.Or at least, maybe I’m just overly emotional and self-conscious – after all that is what high school is about: mood swings, unstable feelings, sudden insecurities and first loves.

I studied in the city’s public high school.I’m the youngest in the family and my older brother and my two sisters also went in the same public high.The good thing about public high school is that there is a wide array of people going in and out in your teenage life: you get to meet them and mingle with their different personalities (but mind you, there are much more ‘difference’ in terms of people personalities in college than in high school).I was not the kind of girl that easily gets in the group – I felt comfortable at the backdrop watching other people having fun, meeting up, talking and falling in love.Through out high school, it’s always like that.I was not a notable member in any of the academic clubs in high school – I only ventured out to be a writer for the school’s publication in the later years when I was able to pluck up the courage to contribute my petty writings.Nevertheless, I also joined CAT organization in my fourth year, and I could say that it really helped me in building the leadership that I never thought I had.

Well, it’s true that in high school you may feel like you are a liminal – like you don’t belong either the groups.You felt like it’s something like that.You felt you’re squeezed.You easily broke down when you see your crush talking animatedly with another girl, and get occasional monthly mood swings that you couldn’t pin down why.You also felt frustrations when dealing with the volcanic zits popping in and out in your face – like they were tiny zits of hidden anger you could not express.Things like this are so like high school, and this is usually and generally true among people out there.

Identity crisis usually happens in the later years of gradeschool, extending into hurly-burly life of high school.Initial and instant bouts of ‘young jealousies’ happens here.Insecurities are likely. For my part, it would be the pimples.Gosh, how I hate pimples.As I was not used to it before, I felt helpless and I felt embarrassed what to do with them.Now I felt lucky for the younger generations because pimple treatments are all over the place – books, self-help magazines and internet.

Now, I’m over with those high school stuff. I think so. Laughs. There are lots of things interesting and quite different in college: prospect jobs, serious relationships, beer bottles, or even all night parties.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (The Movie!)

Along with my favorite Harry Potter series, I also like the Narnia series of C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia. I already completed the whole series, which, like the Potter series, has seven installments. My personal favorite book in the Narnia series is The Horse and His Boy, but I can’t deny that I also like Prince Caspian book.

I’m so happy because following the first Narnia film from Walt Disney and Walden Media, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian movie adaptation will be premiering this June 4 in the theaters. This is very good news for the fans of the Narnia series.

I first read the series when I was in high school, and finally completed them when I just started my first year college. I admit that it was really hard to be involved in the story readily (unlike Harry Potter) but later on, as you pursue reading the other books, you’ll find that you just can’t help but love the Pevensie children and their adventures. But the exciting thing about this is that there is something deeper in the whole Narnia series, and I noticed that when I finally read the last book. C.S. Lewis is really good and very subtle in injecting his ideas in the children’s books. If I’m going to look deeper through the character of Aslan, then it feels like he is like God. To critically analyze this, is a very good idea. Ha-ha! The rest of this exciting mind work will be your quest. 😉

The movie was directed by Andrew Adamson.

Where Are We Heading?

After I took an Astronomy subject in high school, I was plagued with terrible questions about the earth, the sun, or any heavenly bodies. I think that’s normal. But I was also preoccupied whether someday in the future all inhabitants in the earth can cruise in the nearby planet (Mars, probably) and stay there for a week or two. I would love that.

I watched an episode in NASA channel entitled Destination Tomorrow. It was interesting because space scientists are working to investigate suitable landing sites in Mars that are scientifically interesting and potential for proofs of interest. NASA developed the MRO, or the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (I dunno if I got the words right but it sounded just like that) to look for potential landing sites in case there would be success of human flights at Mars in the near future.

The MRO has high resolution cameras to produce high profile detailed pictures which will be evaluated to search for potential sites. It has also telescopic cameras to capture the planet’s surface features by photographing the planet. In this way, the scientists can relay and send information by communication platform for robotic missions and about the weather patterns in Mars. In this way the space scientists can also look for water. By its self surface radar, they would know the weather patterns, and any detailed information to expand the knowledge about the planet.

MRO would took seven months to journey to Mars and 27 months to orbit it.


Katou Izumi

Ending Song Bokura Ga Ita


Ima kimi ga ii kaketa kotoba ga
yubi saki ni sotto orita kita Continue reading

Futari no Kisetsu Ga

Katou Izumi

Bokura Ga Ita Ending Song

Kisetsu ga sukoshi ugoita ki ga suru
Hizashi mo mijikaku itsuka zurete
Futari no basu wa kawaranai machi
Hashitteiru koto hotto shiteta Continue reading