February Wishlist and Monthly Goals!

You’re right when you think that it’s not yet February until next week. But since I’m totally excited with the ‘next month’ sort of, here is the usual list of my monthly goals.

Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black

But first things first. The month of January in year 2009 brings a lot of sweeping changes in my life. All right, I don’t want to sound so mawkishly sentimental, but it did. Well, anyway, to digress, there were lots of papers to pass in this month (as usual, the research papers, essays and critical analysis of the stories, novels, movies and the like). January is also the month for Dimples birthday bash (a classmate of mine) and we went to Mintal to celebrate (the Ichigo gang). On my Animax schedule, however, there’s that premiere of new anime shows like Ghost Slayers Ayashi and Darker than Black (gash, I love this one!).

Now, the love month of February is now fast-approaching, and here I am trying to figure out what would be the best monthly goals to achieve in this red-letter month. As usual, I’m going to update my post every now and then, and hopefully, I could come up with more poems this month, as the ratio is one successful poem after 50 attempts to do poetry (1:50). Yes, that’s painstakingly what poetry is all about. Hopefully, this month I can read some interesting books because I’ve been reading the required books for these past few months. I sometimes wish I needed a break. But summer is still three months away and within that long span of time surely there would be unforgettable experiences to undergo.

The red-letter month brings in the premiere of the anime Red Garden and Nodame Cantabile on Animax. Of course, I’m keeping

Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile

myself crossed for the episodes. Laughs. Not to mention, I have to finish my short story for my fiction class. I’m still on the 5th page, but the story is getting nowhere – it has gone stagnant and I can’t seem to advance the plot again. Totally problematic, and hopefully I could fix it soon.

Here’s my detailed list of must-haves this month (such petty wishes):

  1. USB – the USB I bought last year is out of my league. I don’t know what happen, but it certainly caught Trojan horses somewhere. So I need to have a USB this month, since I’m dealing with lots of papers again and I have nowhere to save them except my ipod. Huhuhu.

  2. Hard disk drive – yep, for my netbook.

  3. lots of hangers – didn’t I tell you that I’ve frequent washing clothes nowadays? Yes, big deal, so I need hangers for my personal convenience.

  4. new shoes – probably any good, tough pair of shoes in Bankerohan, or somewhere in Uyanguren.

  5. stamp pads – I’ve been wanting this for a long time. Anything cute though.

So bye for now, and cheers!

From Horoscopes, Hunger Issues to Chucking Out the First Three Pages

(this is how scatter brain I am)

It’s not possible to be friends with everyone, so why even try? Just be yourself.
Romance is on your mind right now and that could be just as simple to create as it is to imagine. Whether you’re single or long-coupled, you can make something sweet happen quickly.

I admit I’m a frequent horoscope reader. Nah, just for the fun of it though. Anyway, most of the horoscopes I’ve been reading all this time feels like they’re inspirational messages (except quite a few) so definitely no harm done. At least horoscopes serve their purpose in entertaining people and egging them to do good things.

I posted an excerpt from the daily taurus horoscope at the above portion here, because I was so amused with it. Okay, I’m not defensive really, and I admit that romance (or should I say, emotional indulgences for the matter) is swirling randomly in my mind at times. Anyway, I just couldn’t help but wonder how many Taurean girls out there in this planet would feel the same way. Or how many other star-sign peeps also feels the same way as Taureans do.

Oh, I’m actually indulging in my thoughts again. Never mind.

To digress, I’ve been busy a lot lately. I just finished studying one of my major subjects for tomorrow’s quiz, but ironically, I haven’t finished my story for my fiction class for a week now. I have to do something about it later tonight though, I need to have the utmost concentration I really need right now. Right now, I’m fixing schedules again, so that in the next few days I won’t scatter my must-do’s all over the pages.

Last week was really one of the heights of PG Era. We were all hungry for banana’s sake! When I still thought about it I’m kinda alarmed at the state of hunger in the boarding house. Weeks after weeks of noodles and eggs and canned goods! Gah, I felt hungry all the time, most especially in Fiction class (noontime). One night, (I think that was January 08) we went to Mintal to eat our dinner because we were super hungry – all of the kampo girls haven’t eaten our breakfast and lunch, and we mainly went through cups of coffee and some star breads. I figured out that time that it’s one of our worst weeks, but nevertheless we went through with it all together – haha!- eating street barbecues and chilling in the Mintal park after.

Aside from hunger issues in the house, I still have to contend with the academic pressures I’ve been having this lately. Our Fiction class professor last time gave us some pep talk, egging us to write our stories already and now we are all pressured. Of course, we’re afraid. Haha.

First one would be to finally finish my short story for fiction class. It is really difficult to begin the story, mind you. All I did one night is to sit down with a pen in my hand and grope for some raw materials in my head to write – “grapple the demons” – hah, I remember, from my Fiction class professor. Right now, I’m in my third page, but the story isn’t going any further. And to think that the short story genius Anton Chekov once gave a piece of advice to writers to throw away the first three pages of the story for them to be able to begin in the middle! Oh great, bless my three pages…

The second book review, another requirement in one of our major class, is fast-approaching so I really need to find a book to review now, probably anthology of poetry or perhaps a novel. And it should be written by a Filipino writer of course, because it’s a requirement for our Phil Lit class. I have to choose a book as early as today so that I won’t cram later by the end of the month (major no-no!). And finally, I have to jumpstart my technical paper (about literature) some time as early as today, to choose a particular research problem or subject topic about this and that. I have something in my mind though, but I have to deliberately make plans on how to go through with it, or consider whether it’s feasible enough to do it a short period of time.

Gah, lots of mosquitoes here. I’m out now. Cheers!