Performed by Rie Fu

Darker than Black 1st opening theme

Hei - Darker than Black

Hei - Darker than Black

Hey! Here’s the lyrics of one of my favorite songs I’ve ever listened to. Tsukiakari literally means “moonlight”, as tsuki is “moon” and akari is “light”. The song has a depth in terms of feelings and emotions to it, and although I didn’t readily understood the meaning of the song in English, you can feel this depth in terms of the melody of the song. Which is probably the reason why I really like this one.

The lyrics, composition and the performance are all attributed to Rie Fu, and the arrangement, to Tadashi Ueda under Palm Beach Inc. A TV size version of this song is also included to the official Darker than Black original anime soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno, along with the first opening theme of the anime, Howling by Abingdon Boys School. This anime soundtrack was released on July 2007 by Aniplex Inc.

So here’s the lyrics guys! J I included the English translation of the original romaji lyrics too.

Original/Romaji lyrics

Aoi aoi sora ni tsuki no hikari wo tomosu

Amaku awaku omoi sonna mono ni torawarete

Kono tsukiakari no shita hitori shirazu

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