Regina Spektor’s Music

Regina Spektor

I finally got myself a copy of Regina Spektor’s Far album, which I considered as excellent as her Begin to Hope album. Totally unique. It’s kind of amusing that I can’t get enough of her songs even though I play it all over again in my player.

The song The Calculation first appealed to my senses, probably one of the top five favorite Regina Spektor songs in the album. Eet showcases the signature Regina Spektor’s style, that distinct vocal style of hers that’s totally unique. Blue Lips is kind of ambiguous, but there is beauty in that ambiguity that renders the song really appealing. Folding Chair is sweet and romantic, a lighthearted song with a narrative thread, and the distinct vocal style of Regina in the so-called ‘dolphin’s song’. Machine probably renders the darkest mood in the album, the chorus reverberates all throughout the song. I find Laughing With very witty, maybe because of the lyrics, and this instantly became my favorite song. Human of the Year is another gloomy and looming song with searing lyrics. Two Birds where there’s birds images as metaphors, equally works like a poem. Dance Anthem of the 80’s is the probably the lightest song, between jive and dance, the melody carries the beauty of the song. The narrative exploration in the song Genius Next Door is clearly presented, it works like a short story. Wallet is a simple song with a simple narrative of the speaker’s experience of finding a wallet, but it was a powerful song for me. I love One More Time With Feeling, the melody, the message and the feeling that it stirs in me about holding on to love. Man of a Thousand Faces is the last song in the album, another song with a story that’s filled with concrete images, making the song another hit.

It was hard for me to choose favorites among these songs because I like them all. Moreover, they appeal to me in a different way. I love the songs. I love Regina Spektor.

Creative Writing Through Other Arts

For me, creative writing serves as a tool for the creation of the other arts as well such as movement arts, music and visual poetry – although in the case of the latter, it can be the other way too.  Incorporating rhythm, meter and rhyme to enhance the form of the genre (eg. poetry, lyrics) is equally important aside from establishing a very effective content and this is where both movement arts and music flourishes.  With these, movement arts and music are said to be effective especially if one carefully chooses the appropriate words to assign to a specific tone, theme, rhythm or melody.  This would produce a very powerful effect for the spectators.  Personally, this is evident in speech choir presentations and performances in movements in poetry.

Contemporary writers usually use at least a single concrete imagery to convey their fresh insights that they have in their minds.  Such use of concrete metaphors instead of abstract ideas renders the image vivid and picturesque.  And this is where the mental imagery that one gets from reading a literary piece comes in:  when it is depicted through visual arts, whether natural or artificial, or whether by photography or graphic arts.  As exemplified by Horace in his treatise, The Art of Poetry, the use of imagery (eg in poetry) merits the same attention or treatment as that of the painting (ut pictura poesis – like painting, so is poetry).


By Yui

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Opening Song

Edward Elric

Edward Elric

Last night, I watched the premiere of the new Fullmetal Alchemist franchise entitled Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood and it was amazing! I was so astounded with the effects, and as usual, I’m delighted for Col. Roy Mustang presence, as ever.

The opening song for this most anticipated anime is entitled Again, and this was performed by Yui. I posted here both the romaji lyrics and the English translation.

This is the lyrics guys. If you have any suggestions, just email me at Cheers!

Japanese/Romaji lyrics

Kono omoi o keshite shimau ni wa

Mada jinsei nagai desho

Yarinokoshiteru koto

Yarinaoshite mitai kara

Yume no tsuzuki

Oikakete ita hazu na no

Magarikunetta hosoi

michi hito ni tsumazuku

Ano koro mitai ni tte

modoritai wake ja nai no

Nakushite kita sora o sagashiteru

Wakatte kuremasu you ni

Gisei ni natta you na

Kanashii kao wa yamete yo

Tsumi no saigo wa

namida ja nai yo

zutto kurushiku seottekun da

deguchi mienai kanjou meiro ni

Dare o matteru no

Shiroi nooto ni tsuzutta you ni

Motto sunao ni hakidashitai yo

Nani kara nogaretain da

Genjitsu tte yatsu

Kanaeru tame ni ikiterundatte

Sakebitaku naru yo kikoete imasu ka

Munan ni nante yatterarenai kara

Kaeru basho mo nai no

Yasashisa ni wa itsumo kanshashiteru

Dakara tsuyoku naritai

(I’m on the way)

Natsukashiku naru

Konna itami no kangeijan

English Translation

Isn’t my life still too long

for erasing these thoughts?

I have things left to do

Because I want to try doing them again.

Even though I must have been pursuing

the continuation of my dream

I stumble over other people

on a narrow, winding road.

It’s not that I want to return

to how it was like back then

I’m searching for the sky that I’ve lost

I wish that you’ll understand me

Stop making that sad face like

you’ve been sacrificed

There aren’t tears at the end of sins

I’ve painfully bore them all this time

In the labyrinth of emotions

where I can’t see the exit

Who am I waiting for?

As if having written it in a white notebook

I want to divulge myself more honestly

What do I want to flee from?

…something known as reality?

I’m alive so that I can fulfill myself

I feel like shouting so;

Can you hear me?

Because I can’t be doing it safe and sound

There’s no place for me to return to

either I’m always grateful for kindness

So I want to become strong

(I’m on my way)

I even welcome such a pain

that turns nostalgic.



Performed by Rie Fu

Darker than Black 1st opening theme

Hei - Darker than Black

Hei - Darker than Black

Hey! Here’s the lyrics of one of my favorite songs I’ve ever listened to. Tsukiakari literally means “moonlight”, as tsuki is “moon” and akari is “light”. The song has a depth in terms of feelings and emotions to it, and although I didn’t readily understood the meaning of the song in English, you can feel this depth in terms of the melody of the song. Which is probably the reason why I really like this one.

The lyrics, composition and the performance are all attributed to Rie Fu, and the arrangement, to Tadashi Ueda under Palm Beach Inc. A TV size version of this song is also included to the official Darker than Black original anime soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno, along with the first opening theme of the anime, Howling by Abingdon Boys School. This anime soundtrack was released on July 2007 by Aniplex Inc.

So here’s the lyrics guys! J I included the English translation of the original romaji lyrics too.

Original/Romaji lyrics

Aoi aoi sora ni tsuki no hikari wo tomosu

Amaku awaku omoi sonna mono ni torawarete

Kono tsukiakari no shita hitori shirazu

Kimi no namae Continue reading

Anata Ga Ita Mori

Fate Stay Night



Fukai Fukai mori no naka
Ha na ga kaoru itoshii
Hibi no omokage sagashitemireba
Fui ni anata ga warau

Furetemitakute te wo nobashitemo
Haka naku chuu wo matta no desu
Anata ni aitakute zutto
Ai takute zutto

O mou nemurenu yoru wo watari
Anata ga nokoshita Continue reading

One Half

2nd Opening Theme
By Kawamoto Makoto
Samurai X – Rurouni Kenshin

Romaji Lyrics

senaka ni mimi wo pitto tsukete dakishimeta
kyoukaisen mitai na karada ga jama da ne
dokka ichai-sou na no sa
damatte’ru to chigire-sou dakara, konna kimochi
hankei san ME-TORU inai no sekai de motto
motto hittsuitetai no sa

kawaribanko de PEDARU wo koide
ojigi no himawari toorikoshite
gungun kaze wo nomikonde, sou tobe-sou jan
hajimete kanjita kimi no taion
dare yori mo tsuyoku naritai
attakai RIZUMU
niKO no shinzou ga kuttsuite’ku

kuchibiru to kuchibiru me to me to te to te
kami-sama wa nanimo kinshi nanka shitenai
aishite’ru Continue reading

That Anime Fever

I couldn’t appreciate anime more in any day than during this summer. Since I’m staying home this break I didn’t do anything “cerebral” or some sort. Well, you must understand, I’m trying to take back those sleepless nights last semester, where most of them were spent from pouring myself over stacks of books that rubbed my brain raw. Well anyway, students like us deserved a good, nice vacation after such traumatic experience, and now I found out that watching TV, reading books of my own choice (I think that should be emphasized) and sleeping in between those times really help me during the break. Watching anime is also a great leisure activity. *laughs.

Speaking of anime, out of my boredom, I ranked my favorite ones to ten.

At the tenth spot is my all-time favorite Cardcaptor Sakura. What’s good about it is that it has a very excellent original story, and very nice vivid animation. My favorite character is Shaoran, although he’s an archetype, so to speak, but his character has a high degree of verisimilitude.

At ninth spot is Bokura ga Ita, or We Were There if I’m not mistaken in my English translation. I really like it because even though it’s the same pattern all over again, falling in love, breaking up, unrequited love – there is something in it that is expressed in a very subtle way. And the insert songs are so amazing. Even I, as a viewer, did have my own emotional struggle because of the conflict in Yano-Nana affair. And Yano is probably what some girls really like – after all two-thirds of the class is in love with him. The manga series is also cool, by Yuuki Obata.

At the eight spot is La Corda d’Oro Primo Passo which is currently shown in Animax. With its vivid animation and musical background plus fascinating guys, I couldn’t stand the fact of missing any single episodes. Hino is so captivating, I really like her a lot.

Next, at the seventh rank is Fruits Basket. It’s funny in a cute way, and even though Honda-san may appear so innocent and so naïve, she is really lovable. And see? There is always the usual love triangle affair among Tohru, Yuki and Kyo. The manga series is written by Takaya Natsuki.

At the sixth spot is Midori no Hibi (Midori Days). Midori is so cute. The anime is so funny, and worth my time, but later on when you encounter the drama part, you get carried away (maybe this is because you get used to think that this is a funny one, but when you get to the emotional part you ended up being touched by something you are not used to). Seiji Sawamura’s character as a highschool delinquent is a fascinating one, and the very cute Midori is really something to look forward to every episode.

How would you feel if you possessed a certain mystical stone that would increase your abilities a thousand fold? And if you’re an alchemist, you would have extraordinary power to heal all injuries and to have everlasting life. This is the story of Fullmetal Alchemist, at my fifth spot, a quest to find the ultimate Philosopher’s Stone. Edward Elric as the youngest state alchemist is utterly stunning. As you go on watching this anime you would find that there is an underlying message about the science-religion (or morality, for that matter) in it. After all, the power to possess the stone does not only bring good things, but it has the power to annihilate and destroy every single living life there is. I also like Winry Rockbell’s character, her addiction to rebuilding mechanical devices exemplifies her strong personality.

At the fourth spot is Honey and Clover! It’s a very heartwarming story of college students living their college lives amidst encountering emotional struggles and life’s difficulties until they learn more about themselves. My personal favorite character is Ayumi Yamada, the Iron Girl with her excellence in making pottery, and good looks (not to mention long legs). Her unrequited love for Takumi Mayama is one of the dramatic scenes of the anime.

At the third spot is Inuyasha, with its witty, amazing plot – a girl named Kagome traveling to the feudal environment using the old well and meeting the half-demon Inuyasha. The real story begins as they find the broken pieces of the Shikon no Tama, but along the way, there seems to be a lot of touching romantic episodes between Kagome and Inuyasha, and the conflict is escalated with the presence of another character, Kikyou, Inuyasha’s beloved. This is really a must-seen anime for me. My personal favorite character, aside from the main characters, is Sesshoumaru. Maybe because of his strong atmosphere that exudes in his personality.

At the second spot is Blood+ – an anime produced by Production IG and Aniplex, is a story of Saya Otonashii, as she fights Chiropterans and gets rid of them and finds her own self-identity along the way. This anime is a mixture of horror, action, drama, mystery, supernatural, and romance genres all in one, which makes up the anime’s complex and concentrated plot. Saya embarks on the journey to fight the Chiropteran (vampiric creatures) with her faithful servant Haji, some members of the Red Shield, brothers Kai and Riku and other faithful friends. The plot is so amazing that once you get started watching it, you wouldn’t like missing episodes in the future. Some scenes may contain strong violence and language, which is why it’s hard to let other people see it halfway because they might not understand. This anime is so good, that I love watching it all over again.

But my favorite most of all is Samurai X. The whole story is definitely amazing enough for anyone to like. The fight scenes, the language and the animation are perfectly incorporated. Kenshin Himura’s character as a wanderer and as a bloodthirsty swordsman is unforgettable. Some scenes are funny, terrifying and touching. My favorite character, other than Kenshin himself is Saito. He’s kinda disturbing but his personality is so strong for me. It’s a story of fighting for the better good, living a new life out of a dreadful past, learning to love even through circumstances when the haunting memories from the past seemed to still hang around within and being strong in one’s convictions. I love it.