My New Fashion Milieu

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve been online. You see, I’ve been indulging myself  into new things lately (since it’s new year after all). So i have the liberty to change whatever the usual-me-as-it-goes drama, and here i am changing my lines of fashion.

First off, would be probably my bag. I have a very intense liking for back packs, which is the reason why I seldomly wear handbags (“almost never”). But this year, i resolve to be more feminine, (haha, surprise, surprise) and i’ve been browsing a lot of new styles of current fashion in the internet. And now, a total transformation surprise, I wear different handbags, and it came out as a surprise too, that when i look myself in the mirror, i can see a different me all through out.

Next would be the usual plain white t-shirts and jeans. I’m starting to wear a lot of blouses and shorts (most of them i wear back home). Haha, better start where things should be before venturing out for school.

As for the shoes, there are lots of websites all over the internet that offers hip styles and totally chic shoes! It was so amazing i feel like chucking out my  usual boring shoes that I’ve been wearing for the past years.   A cool site like ShopWiki offers guides in choosing among wide array of shoes whatever and wherever the fashion in you fits.  I especially like that  red killer style stiletto shoes – something to make my friends go gaga about.  Laughs. Now, I’m wearing more feminine shoes and high heels, although sneakers and comfortable flip-flops never cease to amaze me.

Hello 2009!

New Year’s Day! And I welcome the coming of the year 2009, and at the same time, I’m totally thankful for what really happened last year – whether it’s terrible or delightful, still they constituted lots of memories worth recalling in moments when you feel sentimental.

I usually do a year-end special blog posts here, but this time I’d be brief. Lol. Let’s see if I can, though I can’t promise.

Year 2008 marks a year full of new challenges – in blogging, in school, and in my personal indulgences. Haha. I’m in my second year, second semester in the university when the year started, taking difficult and challenging subjects like biotech and major creative writing subjects. The year extended in my third year, second semester, where there seemed to be a lot of things to write for class requirements.

I also watched cool anime shows this year 2008 that definitely moved me, which included Bokura ga Ita, Honey and Clover Season II, La Corda D’Oro Primo Passo, School Rumble, Kekkaishi, Darker than Black, Emma season II and many many more!



After a major Christmas vacation in year 2007, class resumed again, and the class started with a discussion of a poem by William Wordsworth, “The World is Too Much With Us.” I wouldn’t forget this one because it’s one of my favorite poems, and we discussed it at the start of the school year 2008 in our British Literature II class. Lots of things happened in January 2008: I found out that Adrian actually came back [can’t specify much detail here], and more exams and reports to face after the academic hiatus. Le Chevalier D’Eon anime ended with a very weird resolution – if that was really a resolution of some sort. I remember taking a painstaking biotech exams and presenting my Starlink Controversy report in class. We also had badminton sessions in Downtown since the Atrium is being renovated – that’s why the Badminton PE class had to go Downtown to finally start the tournament. It was tiring and expensive to go there, but I learned to familiarize with some places here in the city, even though there were frequent close accidents in the streets and more nerve-racking experiences while riding public vehicles.

Then came the Love Month February, which is as usual, very difficult to deal with because I casually get emotional during this time of the year. The month started with the usual painstaking Pregistration period for next semester’s subjects. I also managed to gather all the remaining courage I had here to add AD in my friendster (lol).

The Sandman

The Sandman

There were frequent library sessions because of the looming workload for my major subjects. I also passed my biotech exam, and I realized that it was worth to stay up late at night to labor hard for it. We continued to read interesting poems and short stories in my literature classes, and start writing our own in our first creative class. I’m so happy because I was able to read the story “The Sandman” by ETA Hoffman in my Criticisms II class, and that is why I considered the story as one of my personal favorites. The course program had the usual art performance entitled “Sinews of Syllables” which is a night of poetry, dance, music, etc., and we also had our exhibit about our course program itself.

Lots of reflections happened in the month of March. Probably because the semester is close to ending and it’s time to really get on the move and get myself serious to finish the pile of workloads. This time I attended my first ever poetry workshop, along with my batchmates. So I began to reflect basically on any thing, and trying to see poetry in them: mothballs, noodles, tattoos, etc. We had a Feminism exhibit during this time, since it was Women’s Month. We also had our Jap class end-party – having completed the four Japanese Continue reading

Irregular Patterns and my New Year Plans!

Lately I have noticed this peculiar sleeping pattern that I inevitably follow. My personal circadian rhythms had changed – which is not really a good thing considering that I have to adjust yet again after the Christmas break. Oh yes, I’m talking about my sleeping patterns – I usually sleep more in the morning and stay up late at night doing something. I know I’m a night person, but in this case it’s too extreme to follow this kind of ridiculous pattern. Nope, not insomniac.

I noticed that I overslept too much. But this is only because I lack sleep for the past few months (due to some school stuff) and I think that it is only proper (and fair enough) for me to get as much sleep as I could this break. The fact is, I’m just disturbed by the fact that I might have to readjust yet again the moment that school would start (it’s fast – approaching!).

New Year has finally arrived! I have so much yet to do. The coming of year 2009 marks the beginning of some of my laid-back dreams in 2008. So I have to materialize it back this year. As usual, I’m planning to update my blog, every now and then. I also want to enroll in some new classes, preferably about computer programming or anything that deals with mechanics. I’m so envious with a good friend of mine who plans to be a medical assistant this year. An excellent school for this field (for medical assistants wannabes) would be St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. I helped her in looking out the best medical assistant schools in the web and I daresay that she might find the real academic life that she was waiting here.

So happy new year everyone!