Irregular Patterns and my New Year Plans!

Lately I have noticed this peculiar sleeping pattern that I inevitably follow. My personal circadian rhythms had changed – which is not really a good thing considering that I have to adjust yet again after the Christmas break. Oh yes, I’m talking about my sleeping patterns – I usually sleep more in the morning and stay up late at night doing something. I know I’m a night person, but in this case it’s too extreme to follow this kind of ridiculous pattern. Nope, not insomniac.

I noticed that I overslept too much. But this is only because I lack sleep for the past few months (due to some school stuff) and I think that it is only proper (and fair enough) for me to get as much sleep as I could this break. The fact is, I’m just disturbed by the fact that I might have to readjust yet again the moment that school would start (it’s fast – approaching!).

New Year has finally arrived! I have so much yet to do. The coming of year 2009 marks the beginning of some of my laid-back dreams in 2008. So I have to materialize it back this year. As usual, I’m planning to update my blog, every now and then. I also want to enroll in some new classes, preferably about computer programming or anything that deals with mechanics. I’m so envious with a good friend of mine who plans to be a medical assistant this year. An excellent school for this field (for medical assistants wannabes) would be St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. I helped her in looking out the best medical assistant schools in the web and I daresay that she might find the real academic life that she was waiting here.

So happy new year everyone!

Honey and Clover Manga

I finished downloading the manga Honey and Clover, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the continuing chapters in season 2. Probably, the Shoujo Magic hasn’t finished scanlating it, well, no wonder, it is hard to translate such difficult series.

However, if you have the full copy of the season 2 (and so on) scanlated manga, please let me know! I only got three chapter- scanlated copies of the volume two, that is from chapters 10-12, but since it is still ongoing (whatever happened, please do continue Shoujo Magic!) I’m still waiting here!

I love the Honey and Clover manga. And I’ve also seen its season 1 and 2 anime version that premiered on Animax. However, I haven’t seen yet the live action series (or is it movie?).

I made a summary out of the season one Honey and Clover manga because I love it so much. If you planned to read the manga and wishes not to get spoiled here, DON’T READ BEYOND THIS because it might Continue reading