Early Edition and my Modern Day Super Hero!

Now that I’m over the Psych TV series, I am currently hooked with Early Edition!

Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler

I love Kyle Chandler who plays the character of Gary Hobson, a guy who mysteriously receives a fictitious Chicago Sun Times newspaper every morning through an orange cat. Yes, and you think that’s normal? Oh well, it’s just that the newspaper that he gets every morning is actually published a day advanced, which means that it is sort of ‘a future newspaper’. That’s a nice plot, I say. And not to mention Kyle is soooo handsome and appealing, and that actually hooks me to watch the series everyday. The TV series’ original run was on CBS, but I’m currently watching the series through AXN.

The good thing about the show is that it isn’t hard to get into the plot because the back-to-back episodes are self-contained stories that would tie up the whole plot. You only have to know about Gary Hobson, the tabby cat and his friends and a couple of ideas on what’s going on.

I love Chandler’s character every time he tries to prevent terrible future events as much as he can. It’s definitely jeopardy for Chandler. And after doing something for these terrible future events, the newspaper headlines change because of what he did. The bad thing about saving the world is that he’s too much preoccupied of saving other people that he doesn’t have time anymore for his personal interests, like having a steady girlfriend or something like that. Lucky he has friends like Chuck Fishman and Marissa Clark to support him.

Still, Kyle Chandler is my modern day superhero!