Ways to Pimp up your Summer!

It's Summertime!

Certainly, there are lots of written articles in newspapers, magazines, and even in self-help books that would help you out how to make your summer vacation unforgettable and memorable.This is not surprising though, summer is definitely a time to tone down your cerebral tendency to go insane with the stuffs you did at school.It’s a time to forget the GMO discussions, Cartesian planes, and critical essays for just a while and time to go wild in your new bikini top, go mountain biking in the sloppy hills or bask in the sun to get yourself tanned.

And here I am getting all confused on how to make my summer vacation better than the previous ones.Not to mention something new.

To put it simply, Continue reading

Losing Myself in the Strawberry Labyrinth of Love!

I finished reading the Ichigo 100% manga series! Gosh, I’ve been reading it since first year college.It took me a long time to finish it actually, mainly because our pc’s not internet connected (oh, by the way, I read it online, not the actual printed material) and so I have to spend lots of money just reading it in my favorite internet café.I read it on http://readmanga.com but I found out that you can actually download it for free so I preferred the latter.What I did was, while I was doing academic stuffs researching in the net or updating my blog, I was also downloading it.Saves a lot of trouble, time and money. Hehehe.I could finish my required stuffs and I could read the manga at home.

I really like the story, maybe it so funny, Manaka ending up in a strawberry labyrinth of love. *laughs.

This is a summary of the manga series.Not really accurate, I’m just trying to recall some important events.And if you haven’t read the manga just yet and plan to read it, DON’T READ BEYOND THIS BECAUSE IT MIGHT SPOIL YOU. But if you want the other way around, read at your own risk. Continue reading