Ten Reasons Why I L♥ved Ryoga Hibiki!

  1. His Bokusai Tenketsu can penetrate through bricks, rocks and stones.
  2. His clothes serve an even greater purpose. Headband: 5 autofires of razor shaped messiles. Belt: Virtual Sword or Steel Pole.
  3. His umbrella can fire reserve shots, deflect attack, and can be used as a weapon.
  4. He has strong chivalrous streaks. An honorable person.
  5. He knows iron cloth martial arts and kenpo.
  6. He has fangs.
  7. He can survive a temperate wilderness and subtropical mountains.
  8. He can send you exotic gifts and local goods from different places.
  9. He can be your pet.
  10. Douse P-chan with cold water and you get a naked Ryoga!